Different Levels of Commitment


A Lack of Enthusiasm

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Difference Between Love and Commitment

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Changing the Level of Commitment

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Finding Love after Commitment

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A Commitment without Emotion

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Love without the Commitment

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A Lack of Tolerance

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People in relationships have different experiences and outlooks on life, and this may stop them from having the same investment in a relationship as their partner. This is normal, but many people never really notice it until it affects them directly. A person may be completely committed to their relationship and expect the same in return, yet they are shocked to find out their partner is willing to walk away for a seemingly insignificant reason. This is because their partner has less investment, and they may also have tolerance issues.

Relationships, even those where there is a wide variance in commitment between partners, do work well when both partners recognize their differences. As long as a partner is caring and remains committed, the relationship can be successful for both people. A larger level of commitment may make a person dependent on their partner, but too little commitment may be a sign that a partner is ready to leave the relationship.